Android Control Apps

Android Multi-Room Controller App

CasaTunes simplicity and versatility, Plus new demo mode!

The CasaTunes control apps are an easy and convenient way to control your CasaTunes Music System or Music Streamer.

Demo mode controls a remote system in our headquarters (results may vary depending on your internet connection).

The Android apps build on CasaTunes' strength by following our guidelines of simple and versatile. Easily control your CasaTunes music in any room in the house from anywhere in your home, wirelessly.

Llooks great on newer high resolution smartphones and tablets. Our Android Apps are available for free.

CasaTunes multi-room App for Android smartphones and tablets

Easy music selection

Phone app

Even our Android app for pre ICS Android phones shows you cover art images in portrait or landscape mode, making it easy to find and select music to play.



Music selection on Android phone

Tablet app

Quickly scroll through your music library and select the albums to play. We redesigned the Tablet app to work well with smaller devices like 4.3 inch and larger Android phones running ICS and Jelly Bean.

Multi-room music selection using tablets

Search Music

CasaTunes has powerful search capabilities. Your Android device uses CasaTunes' search capability and even adds Google's powerful and accurate voice search. Simply bring up the search menu in the Android app, click on the microphone and tell CasaTunes what music you are looking for.


The CasaTunes Android app has many other features, including setting up multiple wake-to-music schedules in any of your rooms, changing the bass and treble levels in a room and setting "sleep to music" times. The best way to check it out is to go to Control App in Android Market for phones and tablets and download it to your Android devices. You can also "side-load" the apps from our downloads page.

Android control app even includes an app widget

Android Widget - Monitor Your Music

Want to be able to just glance at your phone or tablet to see who the artist is for the currently playing song? Or quickly turn the power on or off in a room? You can do both and more with the CasaTunes Widget for Android.

Android "Dreams"

Even your Andriod controller likes to dream about CasaTunes

Now your Jelly Bean 4.2 (and later) equipped Android Tablet or Phone can dream about CasaTunes when it is in its dock or being charged. Just go to Android Settings, Display, Daydream and select CasaTunes Dreams.

When the dream starts it will show cover art and artist images for the music that is playing in the last room you were controlling.

Nexus 7 on the Nexus 7 dock shown.

CasaTunes Jelly Bean Daydream

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